Welcome to the Red Pill Health & Wellness About page!

Welcome to the Red Pill Health & Wellness About page!

I'm Mike Vera, a Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), and my personal and professional mission is to make the world a healthier and more truthful place.

At Red Pill Health & Wellness, we believe that true health and wellness comes from taking control of your own journey, and our expert guidance will help you do just that.

Whether you're looking to improve your overall health or just need some guidance to make lasting changes, we're here to help you reach your goals.

So join us as we take the red pill and see the truth behind health and wellness, and unlock your true potential.

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What Is Board-Certified Health Coaching?

Board-Certified Health Coaching is a unique approach to improving your health that combines the latest scientific research with personalized care and ongoing support. As a Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), I am certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), which is a member of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). This certification requires rigorous training, education, and experience, ensuring that I have the knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based, personalized care.

With Board-Certified Health Coaching, you'll have someone to hold you accountable, to give you guidance and support, and to help you navigate the often-confusing world of health and wellness. We'll work together to help you overcome obstacles, set and achieve goals, and make the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve optimal health. Whether you're looking to improve your diet, increase your exercise, manage stress, or address other health concerns, a health coach can help you take the steps needed to achieve your goals and live your best life.

How I Got Started

When I was thirteen-years-old, I was red-pilled by George Carlin, a stand-up comedian, who taught me to always seek truth. Today we have politicians and special interests, such as the World Economic Forum, trying to control our health, and people are less healthy than ever! That's part of the reason why I became a health coach. 
In many ways, our health is influenced by groups like these that do not have our best interests in mind. As a result, we're led to make decisions that do not benefit us but instead benefit the wallets of powerful people. These attacks on our health are ruining society, with an alarming amount of people now facing a lifestyle illness. Yet, those are illnesses that are preventable with improved decision-making. 
The answer is to take back control of our health! Fight against the attacks by learning about decision-making processes and engaging in healthy behaviors. Join a community of awake and healthy people by filling out your information below for personal health coaching. 

My Approach

As a Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), I'm uniquely qualified to help you take control of your health and make informed decisions. Think of me as your guide on a journey to take back control of your health and unleash your full potential. Together, we'll explore areas of your life you want to improve and create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. It's time to stop living in the matrix of bad information and poor health decisions. Let's work together to break free and become the best version of yourself.

One of the key aspects of Board-Certified Health Coaching is that it's a personalized approach to improving your health that's tailored to your unique needs, goals, and preferences. We'll work together to make conscious, informed decisions that align with your goals and values. But it's not just about the negative, it's also about harnessing the power of your mind and a winning mindset to achieve the life you want.

At Red Pill Health & Wellness, we believe that true change comes from within and it starts with becoming aware of our own thoughts, beliefs, and habits. My job as your coach is to guide and support you on this journey to unlock your full potential and live the life you truly deserve.

Credentials & Experience

As a Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, I have the knowledge and skills to help you make lasting changes to your health and well-being. With over 5 years of experience in the field, I am passionate about helping others achieve the same level of success I have.

I have firsthand experience with the challenges and triumphs of managing health. My advanced education and experience have given me a deep understanding of the principles of health and wellness, making me well-equipped to provide personalized care and ongoing support.

Learn The TRUTH

Powerful life-changing concepts from cognitive psychology, habits & routines, propaganda, nutrition & fitness, and time management are all included in our program. We'll teach you how to think critically and see through the misinformation that's holding you back.

AWAKEN Hidden Strengths

Take control of your health with increased mindfulness. Learn how to harness a winning mindset and leverage your strengths to make your life easier. Our program includes evidence-based practices and psychological tricks to help you be more productive. There's so much more to discover.

WIN At Life

Once you're red-pilled, there's no turning back. Our program will empower you to have control over your health decisions for life. You'll master the skills needed to live your best life. With the knowledge and tools you gain from our program, you'll be unstoppable.

See If You Qualify For VIP 1-on-1 Health Coaching

Due to limited availability, we carefully pre-screen every applicant for coaching readiness and to confirm your commitment to the program. A coach liaison will review your interest form and reach out within 2 business days to schedule a call and begin your on-boarding experience.