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Why Creating Time Wealth is Different

Overwhelmed and stuck in a cycle of missed goals? Traditional planners and apps not cutting it? It's time for a change.

Introducing Creating Time Wealth. This isn't just about managing time; it's about optimizing your life. Imagine meeting work deadlines, enjoying regular workouts, and having quality family time—all without stress. Built on high-performance principles, this program gives you a dynamic system that evolves with you. Make every hour count for your health, career, and life.




What You'll Learn

Learn the formula to building time-wealth and use it for:

  • Customized Time Management: How to create a personalized system that is perfectly suited to your needs, goals, and lifestyle.
  • Decision-making Mastery: Elevate your decision-making skills to choose wisely in high-stress situations and everyday life.
  • Cutting-Edge Psychological Principles: Techniques used by surgeons, astronauts, and other high-performing professionals to stay organized and focused under pressure.
  • Effective Maintenance Strategies: The hardest part is the initial setup. Once that's done, maintaining your system is straightforward.

Who is This Course For?

  • Anyone serious about improving their health, productivity, and quality of life
  • Busy professionals juggling work and family commitments
  • Entrepreneurs

The right moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Creating Time Wealth.

Take the First Step

Why Trust This Course?

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Experience and expertise set this course apart. As a Board Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) with a Master's in Exercise and Health Promotion, Mike Vera has consulted extensively with hundreds of clients over six years. This tailor-made course is based on a system rigorously tested and proven over eight years to deliver results where other methods have failed.

Mike's unique approach brings together the worlds of time management and health management, providing a holistic strategy for well-being. As the driving force behind Red Pill Health & Wellness and the compelling voice of the Healthy & Awake Podcast, he's redefined what it means to be truly 'well.'

So when it comes to making a life-altering investment in your health and time management, this course offers the credentials and proven success you're looking for.


"It's not just about managing your time; it's about reclaiming your health and achieving long-lasting change." —Mike Vera

What's Included In The Course...


Time Wealth

Discover the secret that time is your most valuable asset, even more than money. In this module, you'll learn:

  • Why time is your ultimate currency
  • The psychology of time perception
  • Strategies for managing your time effectively

You'll finish this module understanding that wealth isn't just about money—it's about time.



Dive deep into the mind's inner workings and learn how to make better decisions for your health and life. In this module, you'll discover:

  • The psychology of decision-making
  • How your mind resembles computer software
  • Techniques to improve your planning skills

Become a master of your own mind by the end of this module.



Get to the heart of purpose and long-term goals as your time's budget directors. This module will teach you:

  • The role of purpose in setting goals
  • How to budget your time like you budget your money
  • Strategies for aligning your activities with your life goals

Walk away with a time budget aligned with your life's purpose.



Unlock the power of investing time into your health for both immediate and future gains. In this module, you'll learn:

  • The basics of health as an investment
  • Strategies to invest your time effectively
  • The long-term benefits of a healthy life

Invest in your health, and the ROI will be a longer, richer life.



Explore the psychological foundations of behavior, discipline, and personal responsibility. In this module, you'll discover:

  • The Stoic principles for life discipline
  • How mindset impacts your daily actions
  • Techniques for staying motivated

Cultivate a disciplined life to spend your time wisely.



Learn how to scale your life and health just like a successful business. In this module, you'll find out:

  • The importance of SOPs in life and health
  • Strategies for creating your own time-management system
  • How to continuously optimize your routines

Finish this module with your very own scalable time management system.



Freedom is the ultimate earning. Understand how passive income streams can unlock your life and time. In this module, you'll learn:

  • The basics of online passive income
  • How to set up your own income streams
  • Strategies for maintaining and scaling your earnings

End this module with a plan to create your own income streams and gain more freedom.

The content of these modules is subject to slight changes. While the core topics and objectives will remain consistent, we're continually updating our program to provide the most accurate and helpful information possible.

I'm Ready To Create Time Wealth!

What You'll Achieve by the End

By the end of this course, you'll have a personalized time management system that adapts to your health goals, career ambitions, and personal life. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's a dynamic system that grows with you, helping with motivation, accountability, habit formation, and meeting deadlines.

You'll Be Able To:

  • Craft a time management system that's uniquely yours, designed to fit your lifestyle and specific goals.
  • Make informed decisions with confidence, even under stress.
  • Utilize proven techniques to stay on track and focused in any situation.
  • Easily maintain and adapt your personalized time system as your routines and goals evolve.
  • Achieve a balanced life that gives time to your health, family, and career.

So, are you ready to take control of your time and elevate every aspect of your life?


Are You Ready to Create Your Time Wealth?

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