025 - Ozempic Culture w/ Dr. Amy Loden

Is Ozempic the weight-loss wonder drug the world's been waiting for, or just another cog in the Big Pharma machine? Strap in, because this episode of the Healthy & Awake Podcast is a no-holds-barred look at the drug that's sweeping the nation. Join us as Dr. Amy Loden, an internal medicine maverick and founder of Vitality Medical and Wellness Clinic, cuts through the pharmaceutical propaganda to give us the unfiltered lowdown. We're diving into the real reasons Ozempic is being prescribed, its hidden pitfalls, and the controversial role health coaching plays in the medical realm. If you're tired of mainstream health narratives and looking for some real talk, you won't want to miss this!   Vitality Medical and Wellness Consulting:   _______________________________________________________   Ozempic Face -   Ozempic Lawsuit -   Metformin & Cancer Report - __________________________________________________________________   These are the brand of glasses that I wear:   BonCharge Blue Light Blocking - 15% off coupon Code "healthy-and-awake" *Affiliate link