026 - The Renaissance Man of Health: Unveiling Truths w/ Bestselling Author Abel James

Join host Mike Vera of the Healthy & Awake Podcast as he sits down with Abel James—bestselling author, musician, speaker, and entrepreneur. In this multi-faceted discussion, we explore topics from harnessing creativity to the questionable ingredients in our food supply, and even his thoughts on different nutrition and fitness approaches. Abel, renowned for his award-winning Fat-Burning Man Show and eclectic background, shares his holistic approach to health and how he navigates the complex landscape of modern wellness. Unearth the connection between creativity and well-being, delve into Abel's secrets to weight loss, and discover why 'tiny workouts' may be the missing piece in your fitness regimen. If you're searching for a conversation that encapsulates the epitome of 'healthy and awake,' this episode is for you. Designer Babies Still Get Scabies (book) - Wild Diet (book) - The Musical Brain (book) - __________________________________________________________________ These are the brand of glasses that I wear: BonCharge Blue Light Blocking - 15% off coupon Code "healthy-and-awake" Heads up: The links in the episode's show notes are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links is a great way to support the show—at no extra cost to you!