027 - Coffee & Mind Control w/ Jason Christoff

In this episode of Healthy & Awake Podcast, host Mike Vera sits down with Jason Christoff, an international self-sabotage coach who specializes in mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification, and psychological manipulation. The conversation kicks off with an eye-opening discussion on coffee and its potentially damaging effects on our health, particularly how it may make us more susceptible to external influences. Are our morning routines setting us up for manipulation?

As we delve deeper, the focus shifts to the darker corners of propaganda, persuasion, and what can only be termed as 'mind control.' With social decay becoming more visible, both Mike and Jason argue that understanding these manipulative processes is crucial for individual and societal wellbeing. Don't miss this enlightening conversation that blurs the lines between health, psychology, and the forces that try to shape our reality.

Links mentioned:

Derren Brown- Pushed to the Edge (2018)

Fall Of The Cabal -

Cult of The Medics -

Jason Christoff
Master Self-sabotage Coach
Personal Services for Health Recovery


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