029 - Lies I Taught In Medical School w/ Dr. Robert Lufkin

What if everything you thought you knew about medicine was a carefully crafted lie? In this eye-opening episode, I sit down with Dr. Robert Lufkin, a seasoned medical school professor who's graced the halls of USC and UCLA, and the author of the provocative book, "Lies I Taught In Medical School."

We venture into the depths of medical education, dissecting the discrepancies between what's taught and what's true. How did Dr. Lufkin find himself perpetuating myths in the classroom? What shook him awake, prompting him to challenge the very system he was part of? More importantly, what does this mean for you—the healthcare consumer, the aspiring med student, or the practicing physician?

This episode is not just a critique; it's a call to action. Whether you're a med student buried in textbooks or a health-conscious individual seeking the truth, Dr. Lufkin has advice that could redefine how you approach healthcare.
Download Chapter 1 of 'Lies I Taught In Medical School' at the link above. Be sure to pre-order the book!

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00:00 Dr. Robert Lufkin
00:00 Who is Dr Robert Lufkin and what will we talk about?
03:05 Introduction
05:18 What woke you up to the lies?
08:21 Why do some people see the lies and others don't?
12:18 Is Alzheimer's actually type 3 diabetes?
17:59 Can ketones help with Alzheimer's?
19:49 Is sugar the devil?
24:50 Is a calorie just a calorie?
29:39 Call for support
31:14 The role of insulin in weight gain.
32:10 Are smoothies a harmful processed food?
33:38 What is the relationship between metabolism and mental health?
37:30 What are your thoughts on the carnivore diet?
41:40 Can I eat bread?
42:18 Can I eat saturated fats?
42:55 What advice do you have for med students or currently practicing doctors?
44:11 What 3 things would you change about the status quo?
46:53 Have you faced any censorship or pushback?
48:53 Anything else we should discuss?
50:44 Closing remarks