030 - The Art Of Influence w/ Bas Wouters

Can the tactics of influence be both ethical and effective? This episode features Bass Wouters, the CEO and co-founder of the Cialdini Institute, and author of the thought-provoking book "Online Influence."

Join me, Mike Vera, as we delve into the mechanics of persuasion and the ethics that surround it. What tools and tactics does Bass Wouters utilize to foster positive change in individuals and businesses? How does he navigate the ethical tightrope of influence, especially in areas directly impacting health?

This isn't just an intellectual exercise; it's a practical guide. Whether you're a fellow health coach wrestling with the ethics of persuasion or a critical thinker interested in the dynamics of influence, Bass Walters offers actionable insights that you can apply immediately.

As a special treat, we engage in a real-time thought experiment to develop a fictitious influence campaign, echoing a similar experiment from one of our earlier episodes. The episode closes with essential advice for health coaches on how to ethically influence clients towards better health decisions without crossing ethical boundaries.

- Cialdini Institute -
- Bas Wouters, CMCT -
- Online Influence: Boost your results with proven behavioral science by Bas Wouters (Author), Joris Groen (Author) -

- Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Cialdini PhD (Author) -
- Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini Ph.D. (Author) -

Learn more about Bas and the work of Cialdini Institute, and grab a copy of "Online Influence," at the links above!


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00:00 Bas
00:00 Introducing Bas
05:23 What does Cialdini Institute Do?
06:59 What role did influence play in your career?
11:50 Reasons to learn about influence
14:04 Is Pre-Suasion a type of 'disarming'?
15:21 Influence vs Pre-Suasion
17:09 Ethical influence
24:12 Thoughts on the state of the world & propaganda
25:59 What can influence someone to do something they normally wouldn't do?
28:56 'Creating Time Wealth'
32:08 Influencing crowds vs individuals
37:17 Fun thought experiment
40:27 Any thoughts on AI and influence?
44:09 Influence around health behaviors
54:09 Positive vs negative reinforcement
58:25 Closing remarks