The Cognitive Crucible & Health Propaganda [Ep. 31]

The Cognitive Crucible is a forum that presents different perspectives and emerging thought leadership related to the information environment. The opinions expressed by guests are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the Information Professionals Association.

During this episode, Mike Vera discusses health-related propaganda and personal standard operating procedures (SOP) which minimize bad health habits and malign influence effectiveness.
Research Question: Mike Vera suggests research into crowd psychology and the ability for AI to change minds on deeply held beliefs.

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Guest Bio: Mike Vera is a Board-Certified Health Coach holding a Master's of Science degree specialized in Sport Psychology, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Prevention. As the founder of Red Pill Health & Wellness, he is fervently dedicated to debunking health myths and empowering individuals with scientifically accurate information. Beyond this, Mike is the creator of the 'Red Pill Your Health' program and the host of 'Healthy & Awake Podcast'. His unparalleled approach centers on understanding the influence of propaganda, guiding clients in controlling their environment and thoughts to achieve their health objectives. A staunch advocate for critical thinking, Mike's philosophy stands as a beacon for those eager to assert control over their well-being.

About: The Information Professionals Association (IPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the role of information activities, such as influence and cognitive security, within the national security sector and helping to bridge the divide between operations and research. Its goal is to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between scholars and practitioners and policymakers with an interest in this domain.

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00:00 *Cognitive Crucible
00:00 Introduction
02:20 Introduction (from Cognitive Crucible)
04:27 What is your assesment of our strategic landscape?
06:42 What is Red Pill Health & Wellness?
10:06 Demonstrating influence
13:52 The impact of health misinformation
16:15 Health marketing tactics and questionable ethics
19:35 How does social media play a role in all of this?
28:41 What strategies can we use to counter influence techniques?
32:20 Big announcement!
35:36 Standard Operating Procedures for health
39:53 What areas do you think researchers should focus on?
42:49 Book recommendations?
44:59 Closing remarks