Brewed Awakening: The Shocking Reality of Coffee Addiction [Ep. 32]

Welcome to a revealing episode of the Healthy & Awake Podcast, where we expose the hidden truths and challenges of coffee addiction. In this episode, I share my personal journey of quitting coffee—covering everything from the withdrawal symptoms to the liberating benefits. I also dive into safer, healthier alternatives and offer a guide to help you kick the habit if you choose to do so.

What We'll Cover:

  • My struggle and liberation from coffee addiction
  • Health consequences you're not told about
  • Alternatives to your morning brew
  • A practical guide to quitting

Join us to re-evaluate your relationship with your daily cup of Joe and make informed decisions for a healthier life.

Resources mentioned
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- Ben Greenfield coffee enema article -

  • - - My Tea Blend:
    • - Rooibos: High in antioxidants, caffeine-free.
    • - Jasmine Dragon Pearls: Low caffeine, aromatic and soothing.
    • - Sencha: A type of green tea, rich in antioxidants. moderate caffeine
    • - Matcha Powder: High in antioxidants and provides a calm alertness. high caffeine
    • - Yerba: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients. High caffeine
    • - Hibiscus: May lower blood pressure, rich in antioxidants.
    • - Sage: Enhances brain function and improves memory.


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