Healthy & Awake in 2024: Navigating Predictions in Health, Politics, and Tech [Ep. 34]

Welcome to the first episode of the Healthy & Awake Podcast in 2024! In this dynamic and thought-provoking session, your host Mike Vera takes you on a journey through the year's most anticipated predictions and trends. From the ongoing evolution of COVID-19 to the shifts in the health market, potential global conflicts, economic fluctuations, the buzz around the upcoming elections, and the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, this episode covers it all. Featuring insightful clips from prominent figures across various fields, we dissect these forecasts to prepare you for the year ahead. This episode is more than just a glimpse into 2024 – it's a guide to enhancing your situational awareness and arming yourself in the landscape of 5th generation warfare. While tackling these serious topics, we keep the spirit of Healthy & Awake alive by infusing our discussion with engaging and enjoyable insights. Tune in to stay informed, prepared, and ahead of the curve in these fast-changing times.


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This is a video about Ep 34 - 2024 Predictions

00:00 Introduction and Overview
01:20 The Importance of Predictions
11:08 Predictions and Their Impact on Health
11:24 The Future of Food: Predictions and Concerns
14:24 Potential Water Crisis: A Look Ahead
15:58 Predicting the Next Pandemic: Disease X
17:41 The Role of Powerful Organizations in Future Predictions
19:36 COVID-19: A Retrospective and Future Predictions
28:52 The Potential Impact of Future Health Crises
31:42 Looking Ahead: Predictions for 2024
31:47 Discussing Potential Global Conflicts
34:30 Exploring the Impact of AI
36:48 Predicting Cyber Attacks and Their Consequences
47:47 Speculating on the Role of Billionaires in Future Events
49:03 Predicting the 2024 U.S. Election
57:06 Unveiling Epstein's Associates and Potential Implications
01:01:39 Closing Remarks and Health Coaching Promotion