COVID-19 Origins: Unmasking the Truth [Ep. 35]

In this compelling episode of the Healthy & Awake Podcast, we dive into the enigmatic origins of COVID-19, a topic shrouded in controversy and speculation. As the world grapples with new variants and ongoing debates, we bring forward a series of critical questions often overlooked by mainstream media. We explore the lab leak theory, scrutinizing the changing narratives of key figures and examining the implications of various testimonies and reports. The episode also casts a critical eye on the global handling of the pandemic, comparing death tolls and response strategies across nations. Join us as we engage in collaborative critical thinking, piecing together a puzzle that spans from biolabs to the highest echelons of power. This episode is a journey through the labyrinth of information and misinformation, inviting listeners to form their own informed opinions on one of the most pressing questions of our time.

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