Pharmageddon: The Shocking Truth You Need to Know Now [Ep. 17 Rebroadcast]

**This episode was originally broadcasted on Rumble, March 24th 2023. 

In this eye-opening episode, we dive into the alarming reality of Pharmageddon, exploring the dark side of the medical industry and the profit-driven motives behind it. We unveil shocking examples of corruption, medical catastrophes, and the manipulative tactics used by Big Pharma. Learn how to protect yourself and your family by staying informed and questioning authority. It's time to take control of your health and uncover the truth that mainstream media won't tell you.
1. Discover the hidden connections between major pharmaceutical companies and the medical industrial complex, and how they prioritize profit over patient care.
2. Learn about shocking examples of medical catastrophes and unethical practices, revealing the alarming truth behind the healthcare system.
3. Uncover the tactics used by Big Pharma to manipulate data and deceive the public, putting your health and well-being at risk.
4. Find out how to protect yourself and your family by staying informed, questioning authority, and taking charge of your own health journey.
5. Hear exclusive insights and powerful stories that challenge mainstream narratives, empowering you to make more informed decisions about your health and wellness.


Yale study, FDA approved drugs

BP guidelines

Medical errors, 3rd leading cause of death

Merck Gardasil

J&J asbestos

Bayer HIV

GSK Case 329



Bill Gates coflict of interest

500 papers retracted

Lancet retracts covid studies

Pfizer knew


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