Unconventional MD: Navigating Health w/ Dr. Rachel Maurice [Ep. 42]

Dr Rachel Maurice is a Canadian Medical Doctor who worked as an Anesthesiologist for 20 years in Canada. She left the practice of conventional medicine in pursuit of helping people heal from the root causes of disease rather than only treating symptoms.

With almost 30 years experience in the western medical system, she realized the holes and gaps in mainstream medicine and changed the course of her learning. She has gathered together the skills that have been most beneficial for her and created a tool box from which she draws from based on your needs.

You will thus get the benefit of her years of education and experience in conventional medicine, as well as the extensive research and experiential learning of alternative approaches which most recently include: Applied Quantum Biology, Holographic Memory Resolution ( a unique trauma release method ), Self Sabotage Mindset Coaching, Breathwork and Medical Intuition.

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In this episode, Dr. Rachel Maurice shares her journey from conventional medicine to exploring alternative therapies for health. Key points include:
- Dr. Maurice's background as a conventionally trained anesthesiologist, her departure from the field post-COVID-19, and her exploration into the world of nutrition and holistic health.
- The impact of personal life events, including her mother’s cancer diagnosis and her own divorce, on Dr. Maurice’s shift towards unconventional medicine.
- Insight into the Canadian health care system and Dr. Maurice’s observations and criticisms of conventional medical practices.
- Dr. Maurice’s awakening moment during COVID-19, leading to a deeper inquiry into germ theory, terrain theory, and the role of environmental factors in health.
- Discussion on the influence of light and circadian rhythms on health, based on lessons from Dr. Jack Kruse.
- Dr. Maurice shares insights from working with Jason Christoff on subconscious programming, trauma, and how they relate to disease and health.
- Launch of Dr. Maurice’s new program centered on overcoming fatigue, focusing on mitochondrial health and balancing modern life with natural rhythms.

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