Climate Uncertainty & Risk w/ Dr. Judith Curry [Ep. 43]

In episode 43 of Healthy & Awake Podcast, titled "Climate Uncertainty & Risk w/ Dr. Judith Curry," we delve into the nuanced conversation of climate change, striking a balance between concern and pragmatism. Our distinguished guest, Dr. Judith Curry, brings her extensive experience as President and co-founder of the Climate Forecast Applications Network and Professor Emerita at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to dissect climate alarmism, draw parallels between societal responses to climate issues and the COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss actionable steps individuals can take to contribute to environmental sustainability. Throughout the conversation, we explore Dr. Curry's perspectives on technology's role in addressing climate change, including her take on electric vehicles, underpinned by her expertise in climate dynamics, extreme weather events, and risk science. Join us for this enlightening dialogue that transcends mainstream narratives and offers critical insights into navigating the complexities of climate change and environmental stewardship.

Twitter: @curryja
Blog: Climate Etc.
Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN):
Book: Climate Uncertainty and Risk

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